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Reasons to Get a White Lab Puppy
Dog are wonderful friends. They say dog people are organized and well-put. Well, one thing for sure is getting a puppy will change your life for the better. Puppies are great additions to homes and they bring so much joy into a home. Whether you have kids or not, you are going to live having a puppy and especially a white lab puppy. Can you imagine how cute they are? Think of a Labrador but not black but white. They are the perfect mix of adorable and fierce. Having said that, you need more than cute when looking to get a puppy. Here are reasons why a white lab puppy is a great choice.
First of all, Labrador are known to be intelligent and highly trainable. The one thing dog lovers enjoy is the ability to train their dog. And when you have a dog like a lab retriever, you will enjoy the process even more because they get instructions pretty fast and they’ll remember. You definitely will need some patience just like any other training but you are sure going to get results.
Another great about Labrador is the fact that they love kids. Your heart is going to melt when you see how fast they will take to your kids. They are such gentle yet fun dogs and your kids will love them. White lab puppies are playful and will always be up for some backyard fun whenever called upon. They enjoy long walks and will be great companions for you when you want to take a walk.
Moreover, they live long healthy lives. You wouldn’t want to bond with a dog and then lose them too soon. Labradors are the kinds of dogs that you have as apart of your family for many years. They become part of the family and live long enough to give you some fun years and memories. And isn’t it a plus that you don’t have to constantly worry about their health? You will only need to visit the vet few times.
Even better, because they have short fur, they don’t need too much grooming. That means they are easy to manage as long as you get them groomed every once in a while. And the plus to this is that they don’t shed as much. So you can have them in the house and not be constantly annoyed by extreme shedding.
As if that is not enough, Labradors want to help. They are quite eager to help and will want to comfort you when you’ve had a long day at work. They are quick to notice when you are not in the best of moods and will try to make you feel better. They are great at cuddling and especially when they are still puppies, they fit on your lap. And even when they grow, you can still have them as a lap dog and soak in the cuddles as much as you can.
Finally, because they love to play with kids, they learn not to play rough. You can trust them not to hurt your little kids because when trained, they learn to be gentle.

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